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Chapter 216 I Am Your Master

  • “You're fine, Jared? You're alive!”
  • Josephine sprinted over emotionally and hugged Jared tightly.
  • By then, she no longer bothered about other people's presence. She clasped the man tightly to her, her grip unrelenting.
  • His body was still chilly to the touch, but even so, she clutched him tightly.
  • “Let go! If you don't loosen your grip, I'm really going to suffocate!” Jared urged, coughing.
  • Hearing that, Josephine was so stricken that she hurriedly dropped her hands from around him. However, Jared was just fine. In fact, he was even looking at her with a smirk on his face. At that, Josephine threw him a glare and kicked him hard.
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