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Chapter 212 Starry Compass

  • “In your dreams! I'd rather let my daughter stay single forever than let her marry you!” Erasmus gritted his teeth and spoke.
  • Despite Erasmus' degradation, Falcon boasted confidently, “If you don't let me help Renee, she's going to die within three days. Do you want to watch her die?”
  • “Do you think you're the only one who knows about frosty constituents? Mr. Chance here told us about it earlier on. Stop being so cocky, will you?” After that, Erasmus looked at Jared respectfully and said, “Please do whatever you can to save my daughter, Mr. Chance! We'll give you some privacy!”
  • Prior to Falcon's appearance, Erasmus was still doubtful of Jared. However, he trusted Jared upon hearing about the same thing from Falcon. I'd rather put my trust in Jared than in Falcon! He's a traitor, and he's up to no good!
  • Falcon immediately looked at Jared with his furrowed brows. How does he know about the frosty constituent?
  • As far as he was concerned, the entities which he worshipped taught about it at Phantom Monastery. Falcon had first heard about it from Dorieus, the former head of Phantom Monastery. Back then, he followed his mentor leave Lagrange Monastery and joined Dorieus at Phantom Monastery instead.
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