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Chapter 202 One-Sided Love

  • “Lydia, you are shameless because you seduced me. You wanted me to help you move up in the company, so you pretended to be drunk and asked me to send you back to your room. Then you took off my clothes. You b*tch...”
  • Pinned to the floor by Jared, Zayne could only shout at the top of his lungs at Lydia.
  • Seeing this, Jared lifted his foot. Following that, Zayne leaped up immediately and rushed toward Lydia.
  • Viciously, he slapped Lydia hard across her cheeks.
  • Lydia covered her face with her hand and glared at Zayne. “Zayne, you are a f*cking sc*mbag. You told me that you only love me and are with Maria only because of her wealthy family. I didn't expect you to have affairs with so many other women...”
  • Feeling extremely dissatisfied, Lydia then started to fight with Zayne.
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