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Chapter 191 Chance

  • Leyton was trembling with fear as he stared at Jared. “Jared... S-Stay back! Don't come any closer. You've incapacitated so many members of the Crimson Dragon Gang. They'll definitely come for you!”
  • Despite being in such a dire situation himself, Leyton shamelessly threatened Jared.
  • “Do you think I'm scared of the Crimson Dragon Gang?” Jared then walked toward Leyton and smiled. “I'm giving you another chance. Go ahead and call the Crimson Dragon Gang for backup. But make sure you ask for fighters who are more capable this time around.”
  • Leyton looked at Jared with his doubtful eyes and gradually took out his phone. After seeing that Jared didn't attempt to stop him, Leyton made a phone call to Felix.
  • “Mr. Scott, I didn't expect it to be done so soon! Are you calling to make your final payment?” Felix asked excitedly.
  • “Mr. Lawson, your men are all incapacitated. They were all so useless!” Leyton was frustrated by the fact that thirty of them couldn't even handle Jared.
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