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Chapter 19 Upbringing

  • “Dad, stop overthinking!” Josephine turned away.
  • In fact, Josephine's admiration toward Jared had grown. Especially after she saw how he had protected her when they encountered Tommy, she felt a sense of security with him around.
  • Suddenly, the hotel manager entered the office and reported, “Mr. Sullivan, Tommy had left with his men. So did Mr. Chance.”
  • “I see. All right!” William nodded. Then he turned to Josephine and instructed, “Josephine, hurry up and gather up the medications needed by Mr. Chance. After that, arrange for someone to watch over Mr. Chance stealthily. I believe that the Scott family will not let this slide easily.”
  • “Got it!” Josephine nodded and proceeded to carry out the instructions.
  • After Jared left Glamor Hotel, he went back home. By then, it was already noontime. Mother should be expecting me by now.
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