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Chapter 187 Chased Out

  • When Maria thought about how the mansion cost billions, she could not help but remember how she had looked upon him with disdain because of his poor family. Her father had to force her before she helped him look for a job. Upon recalling all these, she blushed.
  • Meanwhile, Lydia stared at Jared's car until its headlights left her vision. Still, she fixed her gaze on the road toward the top of the hill unblinkingly. The shock was so great that she was paralyzed to the spot.
  • “Chase them all out for me! Don't let them enter the district in the future!” instructed Mark loudly.
  • The security guards quickly chased Zayne and the rest out. As Zayne was simply too shocked, he insisted on heading to the top of the hill to see whether Jared was boasting. However, after being struck a few times by the baton, he left obediently.
  • After Jared drove to the mansion and entered, he discovered that it was extremely clean and spotless. Josephine probably sent someone to clean the place. She had always hoped to convince her parents and invite them to stay there. However, Jared didn't want to discuss it yet as his parents were happily fussing over Jared and Hilda. If she told them now, they might not even believe her.
  • Sitting on the sofa, Jared took out the meat reishi mushroom and placed it on the table. Sensing the rich spiritual energy exuding from it, he was overcome with excitement.
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