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Chapter 186 I Do Not Believe You

  • Mark walked toward Jared briskly and apologized appeasingly, “Mr. Chance, I'm really sorry about this. My brother-in-law has just started work, so he knows nothing. Please forgive him...”
  • When Zayne and the rest saw the manager apologizing to Jared so subserviently, they were dumbfounded.
  • “Are you mistaken? He barged into your district, crashed a car, and even beat your brother-in-law up! Why are you acting so subserviently? Do people who work in the maintenance department have such good service?” asked Zayne as he stared at Mark incredulously.
  • “Yeah! When we wanted to come in to look at which houses to buy, the security guards stopped us. Yet, you're being so courteous to an intruder. You're making me doubt the capabilities of the maintenance department. Isn't he just an ex-convict who had gone to jail? Do you have to stoop so low? Do you actually think that he's a property owner here?” scoffed Lydia.
  • “If he can afford a house here, he wouldn't be driving a run-down Ford around. He even claims that the mansion at the top of the hill is his! He's just boasting. Since we work for the same company, I know him well. I'm his direct superior. This guy knows nothing other than to boast!” Zayne protested to the manager.
  • Mark looked at Zayne and Lydia before glancing back at Jared. He did not know what their relationship was, but judging from how the two of them kept mocking Jared, it was clear that they were definitely not friends.
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