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Chapter 184 You Are Unlucky

  • Jared pointed at the top of the hill. “The one at the top of the hill is mine.”
  • “At the top of the hill?”
  • Zayne was stunned for a while before bursting into laughter. “Are you kidding me, Jared? Do you know how much a mansion on the top of the hill cost? Even if you sell your family, you still can't afford it! Your boast is simply so ridiculous that it's unrealistic!”
  • “Jared, can you be more realistic? You barging into Dragon Bay today is probably the first and last time you can enter the district. How dare you claim that the mansion at the top of the hill is yours? I bet that you've never even been up there!”
  • Even Lydia started laughing out loud.
  • Meanwhile, Maria rolled her eyes at Jared. To her, he was simply an incompetent man who would never amount to anything.
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