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Chapter 181 Are You Threatening Me

  • “Toby, I'm really not lying to you. Mr. Chance...”
  • Before Mark could finish speaking, the man pushed him away. “If he doesn't kneel today, no one can save him. I'll not spare him at all!”
  • With that, he glanced at his subordinate and signaled for them to attack.
  • Noticing that, Mark quickly shot a look at the sales associate, telling her to bring Zayne and the rest away. It was better to have fewer witnesses. If word got out or if someone took a video, Dragon Bay's reputation would be ruined.
  • When the sales associate saw that, she quickly called Zayne over and left. However, he was reluctant because he wanted to see Jared being beaten up.
  • “It's a pity that they won't let me watch such an entertaining scene,” lamented Zayne disappointedly.
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