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Chapter 180 I Hit Her

  • Without the slightest hesitation, Jared took two steps forward. “I hit her!”
  • The man sized him up before glancing at Zayne and the others behind him. He then barked, “Kid, I might spare you if you fall to your knees and apologize to my wife right now! Otherwise, none of you are going to escape today!”
  • The moment Zayne heard that and realized that the man had assumed they were with Jared, he was petrified and hurriedly waved his hand in denial, explaining, “Sir, sir... You misunderstood! We're not with him. Although we're acquainted, we have no idea what he did!”
  • Hearing that, the man shifted his gaze to his wife. The woman nodded and affirmed, “It was just that kid. Not only did he ram into my car, but he even slapped me!”
  • “Kid, we'll settle the issue of the car separately. Since you slapped my wife, you might still escape with your life if you were to kneel right away!”
  • The man stared at Jared with murderous intent.
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