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Chapter 179 Not All That Bad

  • It was also then that Lydia noticed Jared had hit another car with his, and it was a Maserati at that. She instantly exclaimed, “You've hit the jackpot, Jared! You could've rammed into any car, but it just had to be a Maserati! This car costs a few million, so I'm afraid that your car insurance probably can't cover it.”
  • “That's no concern of yours, so please keep out of it. It's my own business!” Jared asserted coldly.
  • “Jared, let me tell you this. The company will never agree to a salary advance. Why did you have to roam around in a shabby car? I'm afraid that you're going to go bankrupt this time!”
  • The corners of Zayne's mouth turned up, and undisguised jubilance showed on his face.
  • “What exactly happened here, Jared? You're truly in hot water now!” Maria chided Jared with a frown.
  • “It's no big deal. It's just a paltry car crash, isn't it?”
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