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Chapter 174 Meat Reishi Mushroom

  • “What was it?” Walter and Jared asked in unison.
  • “It was a reishi mushroom. It was gigantic and resembled a reishi mushroom yet a bit different from the usual ones. My wife was convinced that it would fetch a high price, so she brought it home,” Kieran confessed with embarrassment written all over his face.
  • “Where is it? Let me have a look at it,” Jared ordered.
  • Nodding, Kieran left the room. Shortly after, he came back in with a huge glass bottle in his hands.
  • Indeed, something that resembled a reishi mushroom lay in the glass bottle. However, it didn't at all appear to be a plant.
  • “This is no reishi mushroom. It's clearly a piece of rotten meat!”
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