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Chapter 172 Losing A Child At Old Age

  • Walter was well-respected and had vast connections, so it would be a piece of cake for him to find a skilled doctor. However, Walter immediately surmised that Kieran's wife wasn't simply sick after hearing about her condition. For that reason, he went to Jared.
  • Soon, they arrived at a courtyard with Kieran leading the way. The courtyard was exceedingly small, housing only three brick rooms, while a corner was dedicated to rearing chickens and ducks. An unpleasant stench hung in the air.
  • The moment they stepped into the courtyard, Josephine's brows furrowed slightly. She clapped a hand over her nose and mouth, repulsed by the malodor, as she seldom visited such a place. Conversely, Jared wasn't perturbed, as he had lived in a village for more than ten years before moving to the city with his mother.
  • No sooner had they entered the house than the shrieks of a woman from the room on their left drifted into their ears. Her voice was shrill and sounded particularly terrifying.
  • “Ahh! I'm going to kill you all! I'm going to execute the lot of you! I'm now the queen, and I want to sentence you all to death!”
  • Her screams and wails scared Josephine so much that she went as pale as a sheet. She clutched at Jared's sleeve, regretting her decision to come with him.
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