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Chapter 170 Leaving Forever

  • Could someone who can catch a bullet with his bare hand be an ordinary person? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he must have some other identity that my investigation could never unearth!
  • At that moment, Xavier also recalled how Felix didn't do anything to Jared back at Vintage Restaurant but lashed out at him instead. Thinking back now, Felix must have been afraid of his identity. Ah, it turns out that I'm not even in the same league as him!
  • He had always been proud that he studied abroad and felt that he was a hundred times better than Jared. However, he abruptly realized that he had been too shallow at that very instant.
  • “Please don't kill me! I beg you!”
  • Terrified, he chickened out and admitted defeat. He was afraid of death and dared not commit murder. In fact, he had only pulled the trigger earlier due to his wrought nerves. Despite having braced himself for the possibility of killing Jared, he still didn't dare pull the trigger and take a life when it came down to it for real.
  • At the sight of his pathetic state, Jared lost the desire to kill him. He tossed the bullet to the ground and ordered coldly, “Starting today, get out of Horington. Don't ever appear in front of me again!”
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