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Chapter 165 Getting Stood Up

  • When Maria heard that, she almost leapt with joy. She asked excitedly, “Really? Looks like Jared isn't that useless.”
  • “Hmph! I think that he's merely relying on the foundations we've built previously,” Zayne scoffed, thinking that Jared did not deserve the credit.
  • “Yeah. If we hadn't worked on it beforehand, Jared wouldn't have gotten the contract signed so easily,” Maria agreed as she nodded.
  • “All right. I'll pass the contract to Mr. Jennings. He'll definitely reward me. Perhaps he might even transfer me to the procurement department!”
  • With that, Zayne went to the general manager's office happily with the contract.
  • As he was overjoyed, he entered without even knocking.
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