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Chapter 164 Windfall

  • Jared caught on to the situation and leaped forward, pulling Jeffrey back before he could escape.
  • Once Hilda reached them, she pulled at Jeffrey's hair and shrieked, “Jeffrey, didn't you claim that you had a say in the deal with Cosmic Chemical? How dare you lie to me and dangle the contract over my head to force me into your bed! You b*stard!”
  • She pounded him repeatedly as she vented her rage, and Jeffrey silently endured her raining fists.
  • A murderous aura had begun to emanate from Jared as he understood the situation. So Jeffrey was blackmailing Hilda with the contract. If I didn't come here to sign it myself, he would've gotten away with his scheme!
  • Sometime later, Hilda stopped hitting Jeffrey out of exhaustion. Her eyes had welled with tears as she turned to Jared and muttered, “Jared, I-I didn't want you to get fired. That's the only reason I agreed to this b*stard's proposal!”
  • “Don't worry, Hilda. I understand,” he comforted her before staring daggers at Jeffrey.
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