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Chapter 155 He Is Late

  • The next day, at Sentiment Chemical Limited, Zayne had gathered everyone from the sales department for a corporate meeting. However, Jared hadn't arrived yet.
  • “What's with Jared? Why hasn't he arrived at work?” Zayne took a quick glance around and asked.
  • He was directing his question toward Hilda because he knew that she would most probably know the reason behind Jared's late arrival.
  • However, Hilda had no clue about where Jared was. She was getting nervous, as she thought something bad might have happened to him. What if he got into trouble last night? Maybe he lied to me so that I wouldn't be worried about him!
  • “Jared should be here soon,” Hilda blurted as she took out her phone to give Jared a call.
  • “I'll make a record of this. He has only been here a few days, and yet he's already late for work!” Zayne said coldly.
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