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Chapter 151 Pitch In

  • “What do you mean? You have to pay four hundred and fifty thousand for the dinner! Do you think you can leave without paying?” Lincoln snorted.
  • “I have free dinners wherever I go! What bill are you talking about?” Jared raised his brows.
  • “Stop playing dumb! There are so many witnesses here, including the staff. Do you think you can get away with free meals? Don't act so tough just because you've been to prison. This restaurant is owned by the Sullivan family. You're gravely mistaken if you think you can get away!” Lincoln assumed that Jared was acting tough to get free meals just because he was an ex-convict.
  • “Well, go ahead and ask the cashier if I need to pay my bill.” A smile flashed across Jared's face.
  • After staring at Jared with his puzzled expression for a moment, Lincoln turned and asked the cashier, “This fellow is trying to get away with a free meal. What are you guys going to do about it?”
  • “Sir, Mr. Chance doesn't need to pay whenever he dines here,” the cashier answered politely.
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