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Chapter 142 Make A Fool Of Herself

  • “Hello, everyone!” Hilda likewise greeted everyone with a smile.
  • But the second she spotted Lincoln, she averted her gaze and dared not look him in the eye.
  • She was afraid that she would snap and tear into him since he had brought unspeakable misery upon her. However, she didn't want to ruin the class reunion with her personal grudge.
  • Conversely, everyone was all the more convinced of Lincoln's sob story when they noticed her reluctance to look at the man. They were dead certain that she had done something wrong by him, which was why she was acting in such a shifty manner.
  • After Yolanda and Hilda greeted everyone, they were both bewildered upon noticing the strange looks directed the latter's way.
  • “I never expected you to be such a person, Hilda. Yet, you still dare to attend our class reunion! I really made the wrong call about you!” Yvonne snapped at Hilda.
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