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Chapter 140 Tooted His Own Horn

  • Gazing into Jared's unwavering eyes, Hilda nodded at long last. “I trust you!”
  • Jared flashed her a smile and patted her head gently, his gaze emanating brotherly love.
  • Mere moments after it was time to get off work, Hilda received a call from Yolanda, who urged her to hurry up as many of their former classmates had already arrived.
  • She then asked her friend for the location, only to be told that the class reunion was being held at Glamor Hotel.
  • When Hilda heard that, she wavered slightly. They were planning to split the bill for the class reunion tonight, and such a luxurious hotel would undoubtedly cost a tidy sum. She didn't want to spend that much, finding it a waste.
  • Only after Jared persuaded her otherwise did she agree to go. Subsequently, the two of them drove straight to Glamor Hotel in a second-hand Ford.
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