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Chapter 137 A Major Client

  • “Oh, of course, I do! Naturally, it was our manager who managed to collect all the arrears,” Maria answered hastily as she abruptly jolted back to her senses.
  • I've naturally got to give the credit for such a windfall to Zayne. Who knows, he may be promoted to the position of manager of the acquisition department this time!
  • “In that case, Mr. Carlson is really capable!” Silas flashed them a smile before adding, “We'll talk next time. I've got to go through the accounts with Mr. Carlson.”
  • He then entered Zayne's office. Meanwhile, everyone in the sales department went into an uproar.
  • “Whoa! Who's so competent to have collected all the arrears?”
  • “That's simply incredible! Those arrears are all accumulated from a few years ago and were exceedingly difficult to collect!”
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