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Chapter 133 Nine Lives

  • Hilda didn't reveal to Jared how powerful Felix was, as she was cognizant of his over-inflated ego. If she had been frank, Jared would never want to leave.
  • After glancing at Yolanda, Jared turned his attention to Hilda and suggested, “Hilda, you and Yolanda should go first. I'll be leaving in a short while.”
  • Jared's refusal to leave simply intensified Hilda's worries. Thus, she had no choice but to speak the truth. “Jared, Yolanda just told me that Mr. Lawson is very strong. Hence, it's better if we don't challenge him.”
  • “Don't worry. I'm not afraid.” Jared smiled faintly.
  • When Yolanda saw how stubborn Jared was, she had no choice but to admonish him aloud, “Don't assume that you are invincible just because you know a thing or two. Mr. Lawson is a key lieutenant of the leader of the Crimson Dragon Gang, and he is an extremely skilled fighter. In fact, even if there were two or three of you, you would still be no match for him. Therefore, do you still want to stay back?”
  • “What's there to be scared of?” Jared responded with nonchalance.
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