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Chapter 131 A Penny

  • Yolanda was caught off guard, as she had no idea how much Jared could afford. Hence, she asked, “Jared, Rhino is asking you how much are you willing to compensate him? I would like to remind you if it wasn't for me, Rhino would've crippled you no matter how rich you are.”
  • Yolanda tried to scare Jared, hoping that he would be willing to fork out more to avoid any physical punishment.
  • When Rhino heard how Yolanda sang his praises, he couldn't help but break into a smile.
  • “Is this enough?” Jared raised a finger.
  • “Do you think ten thousand can satisfy me?” Rhino sneered with a grim expression.
  • “Jared, what are you thinking? Rhino isn't a beggar. How can you offer only ten thousand?” Yolanda admonished Jared while desperately signaling him with her eyes.
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