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Chapter 130 Be A Hero

  • Having noticed that Jared was unfazed by Rhino's status, Yolanda surmised that he wasn't an ordinary person.
  • “We work at the same office and are neighbors since our teenage years. Hence, I can tell you there's nothing particularly special about him,” Hilda replied with a frown.
  • “Impossible! How can he not be afraid if he doesn't have some strong backing?”
  • Yolanda was unconvinced. If Jared was someone ordinary, he would have already been frightened to death.
  • “He really doesn't have any patron. In fact, Jared has just been released from prison.”
  • From Hilda's perspective, Jared's jail stint was probably what made him tough, which was why ordinary citizens have an inherent fear of ex-convicts.
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