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Chapter 125 Ganging Up

  • When Xavier saw the mischievous look in Jared's eyes, he felt a chill down his spine. Getting a grip of himself, he quickly answered, “What are you talking about? All that matters is that you're back.”
  • “Jared, you returned at a bad time, as we have finished for the evening. If you still want to eat, there are some leftovers which you can have. Or else, they'll just go to waste,” Zayne suggested sarcastically.
  • Zayne's comments caused everyone to burst into mocking laughter.
  • “Oh? Does your mouth not hurt anymore?” Jared snapped with a smirk.
  • Zayne cringed at the comment while covering his face with both hands.
  • “Zayne, just ignore him. Let's go.”
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