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Chapter 115 Do Your Best

  • “Zayne, you must take this opportunity and do your best to impress Mr. Jennings. If he likes you, he might offer you a managerial position in the procurement department! Now, that's a good opportunity!” Maria encouraged.
  • “Yeah, don't worry. I'll do everything I can so that I can buy a house at Dragon Bay as our residence.” Zayne nodded enthusiastically.
  • Upon hearing that, a blissful smile emerged on Maria's face.
  • Unlike the others, Jared was less thrilled. He frowned as he sensed that the dinner might play a part in Xavier's plot against him. However, he couldn't care less. Try as you may, I'm ready for it.
  • Within a few minutes, everyone was ready to leave for Vintage Restaurant.
  • Unlike the others, Hilda and Jared didn't drive to work.
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