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Chapter 114 Not Telling You

  • “Yes, that's him! He has been courting me for years, but I've never fancied him!” Josephine was annoyed when Xavier's name was brought up. “How about this? I'll explain it to Mr. and Mrs. Chance myself. After all, Dragon Bay is the perfect place for retirement.”
  • “That's not necessary. My parents are happy where they are now. Besides, they have neighbors accompanying them to pass the time. Perhaps we can talk about it sometime in the future,” Jared suggested.
  • Josephine nodded as she picked up her bag and walked toward the door. Suddenly, she turned back and said, “Don't hesitate to tell me if someone bullies you, okay? If worse comes to worst, I can just fire Xavier.”
  • “Do you think there's anyone capable of bullying me?” Jared smiled cheekily.
  • Amused by Jared's sense of humor, Josephine left with a smile on her face. Who am I kidding? I watched Jared defeat Steven with my own eyes. Surely no one in this company could bully Jared.
  • Zayne rushed into the office as soon as Josephine stepped out. “Jared, what did Ms. Sullivan talk to you about?”
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