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Chapter 107 Right And Proper

  • Sure enough, Dexter removed his legs from the table after revealing the stacks of bills. With his lecherous gaze fixated on Hilda, he declared, “I don't like dealing with men. If you want the money back, leave the woman and buzz off. I promise to repay the debt I owe to your company.”
  • Hearing that, Hilda was so stricken that she darted behind Jared.
  • When Dexter saw how fearful she looked, he guffawed.
  • “It's only right and proper to repay one's debts. No matter who comes to collect it, you've got to pay up!” Jared asserted coldly.
  • At that, Dexter eyed him as though he was an idiot. “Right and proper? You must be new, eh? Didn't your colleagues tell you the consequences of coming here to collect my debt?”
  • “They did, but I didn't believe them. Thus, I wanted to come here and try my luck.”
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