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Chapter 6

  • I sat down in the hall way as I thought about what had transpired in the last few days. I had gotten married to the man of people's dreams but not mine.
  • Growing up, I've always pictured myself as someone like Merida from Brave. She stood up to her mother even if she had to turn her into a bear to prove her point on not getting married to a man she barely knew or even marriage in general. But ofcourse, I have nothing against my parents and definitely don't want to turn them into a bear or anything close to animals but I simply wished life wasn't this way.
  • Unfair and painstakingly hard to the poor, growing up I never really pictured myself as Cinderella who gets saved by prince charming from her wicked step mother, I always wanted to be the savior, you know bringing us to bring us out of this sad and impoverished lifestyle and I did through Jason.
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