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Chapter 5

  • Isadora's POV
  • "Hand me that bottle of Jack would you doll?" Cass asked. I grab it from the shelf and hand it to him. Turning back around I'm startled by a man who wasn't sitting there before.
  • "For fuck sakes! You scared the shit out of me!" I gasp trying to catch my breath and slow down my heart.
  • "Sorry. Give me a rum and coke." He smirks.
  • "I got it. Dry these glasses for me doll." Cass says handing me the wet glasses and his hand towel. What the hell? Why is he acting weird all the sudden? I set the glasses on the bar and begin drying them one by one.
  • "What if I wanted the doll to make my drink?" The man asked coldly.
  • "She can't. It's against the law for someone without a liquor license to make alcoholic drinks in any establishment." Cass replied politely and began making the man's drink.
  • "You work for the mafia and you're worried about upholding the law?" The man laughed. Mafia!? What the actual fuck did I just hear? Cass works for the mafia?
  • "I'm afraid I dont know what you're talking about." Cass said nonchalantly. The mysterious man smirked and looked at me. Just as he was about to say something, Rafael and his guest came walking up behind him.
  • "Rodrigo, we're leaving." An older gentleman said harshly.
  • "Yes father." The mysterious man... or Rodrigo as the older guy called him, said as he stood up from his stool. He winked and kissed the air at me as he left. Rafael stood in front of me blocking the view.
  • "You're a magnet for trouble kitten." He grinned. I rolled my eyes. He leaned in close and whispered in my ear... "It's rude to roll your eyes. Do it again and I will punish you." Fight it all you want, but if a hot guy with a sexy spanish accent, whispers in your ear that he's going to punish you... you cant help but get turned on. At least I cant help it. But the rebel in me can't resist a bit of fun. I roll my eyes at him again and hear a deep growl escape from his chest. "Tsk tsk tsk... you disappoint me kitten." In one swift motion he sweeps me up over his shoulder.
  • "Put me down dammit!" I scream.
  • "Cass, watch the club for a bit. We'll be right back." I immediately hit him in the back.
  • "We aren't going anywhere! You are going to put me down!"He makes a b-line for the back office. I'm beating the shit out of his back but it doesn't seem to phase him. I go to kick my feet but he catches them and holds them still. He opens the door to the office, walks in and locks it behind him. Putting me down, he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me before I have the chance to rip him a new one. He's being gentle but I can tell he's holding himself back... a lot. His lips are soft and his tongue, which has now invaded my mouth, tasted like sweet whiskey.
  • "I wanted to do that the moment I saw you." He said breathlessly, as he pulled back from our kiss. I blushed.
  • "Why? You don't even know me. Do you normally go around kissing random women?"
  • "No." He smirks and plants another kiss on me.
  • "Why do you call me kitten? I told you my name is Kitty."
  • "That is my nickname for you. No one else is allowed to call you that but me. Entiendes?" (Understand) He smiles, looking me right in the eyes. Without realizing it, I nodded. He kisses me again and gently bites my lower lip.
  • Rafael's POV
  • Her lips taste like candy and she smells like cinnamon and vanilla. I can feel her heart beating fast with her pushed so close against me. Damn her body feels good. The missing piece to my puzzle.
  • "No other man is allowed to touch you but me." I said grabbing her chin, making her look at me.
  • "And if I say otherwise?" She raised an eyebrow at me. Don't test me kitten. I'm a very jealous man and I do not like to share.
  • "I will hurt him and punish you." I growled in her ear. My jaw clenched tight.
  • "You don't own me and we are not together, so play the alpha boyfriend card on someone else." She tried to pull away but I yanked her back.
  • "Be mine." I smirked at her surprised face. So damn cute.
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "Be mine. I want you and don't like the idea of other men touching you."
  • "I don't know you." She reiterated. I pushed her up against the wall and pinned her hands back. She gasped and her breathing quickened.
  • "Then get to know me." I smiled. Resisting the urge to gnaw on the soft flesh of her neck. I kissed her on the cheek, making my way to her jaw and felt her body tighten up against me. I could tell she wanted me but she was definitely fighting with herself.
  • "Take me on a date, like a normal person."
  • "Done. Be ready by tonight. I'll pick you up at eight." I smiled. "Wear something pretty for me kitten." With one more kiss to her cheek, I let her go and walk out of my office.
  • *************