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The Mafia's Revenge

The Mafia's Revenge


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 The Code

  • I rolled my hips down his dick and cupped his jaw between my sharp acrylic nails.
  • "Fuck baby" he groaned and I smirked in satisfaction loving how I had control over him.
  • He curled his hand around my waist as I slowly grind on him and take him to a land of unending euphoria.
  • "Tell me, Aurelio, how do you want me to please you, just say it and I'll be on my fucking knees for you" I licked on the cold metal of his earring and let my lips kiss down the tattoo on his neck.
  • It's a bad thing I am not into blondes because he is a good one and I felt his bulge rising rapidly beneath me.
  • "Do whatever you want Claudia, whatever" he angled his neck to the side and I let my teeth claim dominance.
  • "The pleasure is all mine" I rolled my palm down and gripped his dick watching him get lost in whatever he was feeling.
  • I increased my pace on his dick and when I was sure he was completely out of the world, I slowly locked his wrist behind him.
  • I got up from him and puffed my cheek with a loud exhale.
  • "That was a tough one"
  • My statement made his eyes open and immediately I pointed the gun at him causing his eyes to widen in fear and shock.
  • "The code" I didn't waste a second, I asked him in a cold tone.
  • "You bitch, you deceived me"
  • I chuckled evilly and nodded my head in agreement.
  • "That's what the in Claudia means, so tell me, where the fuck is the key or you give me the code" I pressed the cold metal to the side of his face and his nose flared up in anger.
  • He tried pulling away only to realize his wrists were cuffed behind him.
  • His blue eyes shot daggers into mine but it's nothing I can't handle.
  • "You are dead wrong if you think I'll give it to you" he gritted out.
  • I smirked because the dick sure doesn't know the good plans I have in store for him.
  • "Do you know what the 'C' In Claudia means?" I trailed the gun down his head and stopped at his Adam apple loving how it bobbed down at the mercy of my baby.
  • "It stands for cruel and I'm pretty sure the adjective is clear to you" I clasped.
  • my fingers around his neck and pulled him close to my face.
  • "I'll tear every organ of your wife's body and burn them right in front of you" I warned and he shook his head with fear visible in his eyes.
  • "P-please leave my family out of this," he said.
  • A smirk tugged at the corner of my lips and I was satisfied with the fact I was able to get to him.
  • "Then give me what I want" I whispered dangerously.
  • I watched him fight the turmoil in his eyes on the decision he would make.
  • "I-i don't have it" I flared up in anger and smacked his head harshly.
  • "I'm not here to catch a little fun Aurelio, so tell me or I kill your wife" I gritted out angrily.
  • "B-believe me, Don, I don't have it.
  • De'Fazio never gave me the code" his voice was sincere but I knew better than to trust him.
  • Reid De'Fazio is one smart man, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't trust me so easily.
  • First and foremost Aurelio was once an ally of the Montero, that's enough reason for Reid not to give him his full trust.
  • I pulled up my phone and called Riccardo my assistant, to lock him up in the cell.
  • The flying sound of the bullets and bloodshed welcomed my feet when I stepped out.
  • These are words I have lived with for eight years of my life. Fear, ruthlessness, cruelty, and so many other evil adjectives make up Claudia Montero.
  • I was forced into this dangerous life and now I rule the Italian underworld with pride and pleasure.
  • I have just one mission and that is to avenge the death of the person I loved the most.
  • I'm still haunted by that horrific day and I will stop at nothing to see all of them tremble at my feet.
  • ******************************************
  • "She's here" My sisters stood up from the sofa with fear and from their countenance I could tell they were hiding something.
  • I glanced at both of them with raised brows wondering what they were hiding from me.
  • " Paloma" I called in a warning voice and she snapped her head up to face me but scared to look into my eyes.
  • "U..uhm c.. I shut my eyes and hissed out in annoyance.
  • "Damn it, Paloma, you know I fucking hate it when you speak like you got no tongue" gritted out and they both flinched at the harshness in my voice.
  • "I...I'm sorry, I just wanted to ask if we would celebrate our...
  • "No" I didn't need to know whatever they wanted to celebrate, the bottom line is that it has to do with fun and people.
  • They still stood waiting for me to magically change my mind but they knew better than to think that way.
  • I ignored the disappointed look on their faces and went up to my office.
  • There's no doubt that I love my sisters but I can't give them what they desperately want, which is my attention.
  • After the death of our parents, so many responsibilities were pushed into my plate and losing one of them is not something I could handle so I had to protect them in a way I think is best for them.
  • Paloma is old enough to make some decisions but I won't let that happen until I'm hit with an assurance of her capability to protect herself.
  • "Don't you think you are being too harsh, I think it's time you loosen up a bit" the voice of Lorenzo made me turn my attention to the couch to find him and Bianca.
  • Aside from my sisters, they are the second people close to the family I have left.
  • They have been stuck by my side from the very first day I stepped my feet into elementary school up until this very day.
  • "Let's not talk about it, we all know there is nothing that will make me go back to how I was" I deadpanned signaling the end of the conversation.
  • "Aurelio didn't give me the code, apparently Reid didn't trust him enough to do that, so we were left with an option which is to break into the warehouse".
  • They looked at each other and then at me.
  • "Are you sure about that Don? It will be difficult to...
  • "I'm aware of that Bianca, we won't jump right into action we will have to make a plan.
  • For the time being please get my visa ready I'll be leaving for Chicago soon"
  • I saw they had lots of questions but they knew better than to ask, so they left after I gave them a look of dismissal.
  • I poured myself a glass of wine and leaned my ass on the table with one prominent thought in my head.
  • The only thing that has kept me awake for years, planning and executing of the De'Fazio.
  • I'll make them pay for even bloodshed, tears, and pain they brought on us.