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Chapter 52 End

  • Isabelle
  • The soothing motion of someone's thumb against my back brought me back into my consciousness, a relief flooded within me once my eyes spotted the familiar surrounding and the light creeping through the gap of the curtain covering the window of the room --Kaden and my room.
  • Unwantedly the tears started gathering in my eyes as the memories begin creeping their way back into my mind. Kaden must have noticed my dilemma so he gently pulled my head closer to his chest allowing me to let out the pain with the warm tears streaming down my face.
  • "E-Everything is over....but why the pain never fades away, Kaden?" I choked on the sob, "Why do I still can't wipe away those memories?"
  • "Isabelle...." Kaden sighed cupping my face and making me look at him.
  • Tears were glistening in his eyes too but unlike mine, they didn't become apparent.
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