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Chapter 4 A Decision

  • Kaden
  • "Why didn't you let me tell her? Are you planning on keeping it a secret that you are her mate?" Jason's voice was propelled in disbelieve.
  • "I'm not planning on keeping it a secret, but didn't you just see her condition? She's scared for her damn life! Jason," I nearly shouted. I usually wasn't this impatient but having my mate in the room next to mines, her smell all over my hands yet not being able to hold her and keep her closer to me felt like overwhelming torture.
  • "But you know, if you don't tell her she might not understand the bond," Jason spoke out.
  • "She can and she will," My sister Cassandra took the cue to speak, "She didn't pull away from Kaden even for once, that means she can feel it true but doesn't have any knowledge about it.
  • "You weren't there in the room then how do you know that?" Carter spoke out the question in my mind and Cassandra let out a small chuckle.
  • "Do you think Kaden would have been standing here trying to stay calm if his mate resisted him or rejected his coldness?" She laughed out, "If that happened, the only place he could be found now was in the prison, taking his anger on some lethal prisoners."
  • "You've got a point," Jason let out a thoughtful sound.
  • "So, when are you planning on telling her?" Carter chipped in.
  • "Once I succeed in making her feel safe and trust me," I answered without any hesitation," But besides all of these the main thing I want for now is to find out she was running from and why."
  • "Her feet were injured, her skin was pale as if she didn't drink or eat anything for days," Jason began, "It could only mean she had been running for days, the distance she could cross by foot could not be much, she must've fled from any place that is in the east,"
  • "So are we going to search for clues?" Cassandra questioned.
  • "No," I spoke as I grabbed the beer bottle from the corner, "The more we'll run for the clues the more they would get out of our reach, there are fairly high chances that she's been kept captive for years because she didn't even recognize the word mall." I poured the beer into the mug.
  • "So what do you mean by that?" Carter questioned.
  • "For someone or someones who had kept her caged for so many years, they wouldn't want her to get away until their motive is fulfilled so it's not us who would run behind them. It'll be them who would come chasing us or chasing their own death," The small tugged itself at the corner of my lips.
  • The idea of killing never felt displeasing. And more in this case where I knew the people who would be taking the last breath are the ones who had hurt my mate, the thought of drawing the blood of whoever the malicious monsters are felt like a beautiful scenario.
  • "So we'll wait?" Jason questioned.
  • "Yes, we will wait," I responded raising the beer mug towards my mouth.
  • The taste of the beer is way less appealing than the taste of my Angel's scent on my tongue. I'd just met her and I already knew I could even die for her.