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Chapter 46 A Clue

  • Kaden
  • The presence of two people was what could realize whilst my senses were slowly stirring awake. The second thing I could acknowledge was the chains that hook was clipped around my wrists keeping me up whilst two more chains were around my body, from the weight of the chains I could visualize it that the people's whole had put me to this stage were pretty much coward.
  • I forced my eyes open, there was a singing sensation at the back of my head and I could feel the blood sliding down the back of my neck from the wound that the impact caused.
  • My stare followed the chains, they were securely pinned to the walls, the chains that wrapped around my chest and back were tightly clipped with the wall behind my back.
  • It was a cell--From the structure, I could tell it was the one where the most dangerous prisoners were kept.
  • And then I finally spotted the two guards who seemed to notice my awakening.
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