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Chapter 37 Danger At The Doorstep

  • Alistair
  • I looked at the bungalow of Brandon Yearwood that I had destroyed years ago. The place had even turned worse than the situation I had put it into, if course after being abandoned for so many years it was not livable for anyone.
  • But my eyes caught the sight of something else, fresh footprints.
  • I crouched down and touched the soil, the recognition instantly passed through my cells. These footprints did not belong to any average human. It was a Lycan's footprints. I could already sense that the creature was stronger than average Lycans.
  • And then my eyes noticed the other footprints, it was bigger and deeper in comparison to size. Skeptically I touched the surface and a gust of harsh wind brushed past me leaving me stunned at my place.
  • My eyes widen ever so slightly.
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