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Chapter 24 One Step Closer

  • Isabelle
  • We'd returned to our room after taking our breakfast. Before we'd gone downstairs, everyone was concerned about my health due to the event of last night but after my assurance, I could see the relief that drew upon them.
  • It felt nice to have people around who care for you.
  • Kaden made me sit on his lap hugging me from behind after we hopped onto the bed, he didn't let me walk at all. He had to err carried me downstairs and the raw adoration that every of little gestures had made me feel happier than ever.
  • "Isabelle..." He began, the sudden hesitation in his voice was new.
  • I lightly grabbed his arm and interlocked our fingers, leaning against him fully so that I could look at him and my fingers could skim his jaw.
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