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Chapter 21 A Meaning

  • Isabelle
  • Everyone else had returned to their rooms after Kaden's affirmation, the kit that Carter had brought was now in the hands of Kaden who now ever so gently disinfected the bruised area around my knees after covering the rest of the injuries.
  • It turned out that I had gotten quite a few cuts on my arms and legs, including my lips and the stinging sensation on my cheek. My legs seemed to be the part that was most affected perhaps because of the way Layla had thrown me on the ground.
  • It was my luck that saved me from breaking my bones.
  • I looked at Kaden as he carefully tapped the disinfectant-soaked cotton ball on my bruise, the pain shot through almost instantly.
  • I bit my bottom lip to stop the winch that was about to slip past my lips. The more these small reactions of me appeared, the more the gloom in Kaden's expression increased and I didn't want him to get sad or blame himself for something he hadn't any control over.
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