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Chapter 18 Untold Truth

  • Kaden
  • We shifted back as the entrance of the bungalow came into our view. Everything around was destroyed, the windows were broken, there were dust and spider nets everywhere.
  • Our car was parked at the bottom of the hill and to cut this distance short, we had to shift in our wolf forms so that we could reach soon as possible. Something about this place was skeptical, there was no reasonable footprint, nor there was anything that could indicate anyone's recent arrival to this place.
  • I threw back my pant that I had tied on my leg before shifting, Jason dressed up too.
  • "Do you really think we can find any clue here? This looks....destroyed" His nose scrunched as he talked. There was a weird smell around, probably because of being abandoned for so many years.
  • The tress and bushes had grown around the bungalow but I could see that this was well structured, I could see tell that this place was once decorated very nicely. On the corner, there was a swing for two as though it was once made for children.
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