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Chapter 17 A Conversation

  • Kaden
  • I watched as Isabelle lightly traced small patterns on the veins on my hand, she'd taken an interest in them ever since we'd come back in the room. Layla had gone back to the guest room although there was a small hint of reluctance in her, that wasn't because of fear. It was about something else.
  • She'd been my friend from childhood but the past few days I had seen an opposite side of her and it didn't make me want to like her anymore even as a friend. All that mattered to me was my mate who was now laying on the top of my body with half of her weight falling on the bed and her head on my chest.
  • I could tell, she liked to my heartbeats because she did that more often as though she had found a strange sort of interest in them that I couldn't.
  • "Isabelle..." I called her name and she slowly looked up at me.
  • "Yeah?" She spoke, her sweet voice as always felt like a melody to my ears.
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