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Chapter 11 Mate

  • Isabelle
  • It'd been two days since I was staying in Kaden's room, I thought it was going to be only the night I was going to be staying but Kaden successfully shifted all my clothes into his closet and made my stay in his room permanent. I didn't have any complaint against it since I loved his company.
  • Kaden remained busy in the day and at that time my boredom was not long-lasting since books turned into another great companion but questions were raised within me as I didn't understand the meaning of many moments between the couples except for understanding one thing that there was intimacy hidden in it.
  • I thought of asking Kaden but I hadn't gotten the chance till now at night. He had pulled me in his lap when he came into the room. He seemed to do that a lot as if he also liked the closeness as much as I did.
  • "Kaden, What's the Kiss they say the couples do ?" I questioned, his eyes turned a shade darker and his grip on my waist tightened.
  • "Why this question?" His voice came out hoarse.
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