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Chapter 98 Impersonate Him

  • “I'm not joking with you!” At the sight of the crowd heaping contempt on Jonathan, Josephine grew so incandescent that her eyes blazed scarlet. “Everyone at the Blackwood family's banquet that day witnessed it! Not only me, but even my parents were there! They saw it, too!”
  • After saying that, she turned to Connor and urged, “Dad, tell them whether I'm speaking the truth!”
  • Hastily nodding, Connor stated, “Yes, it's true! I saw it with my own eyes!”
  • Snorting, Ezra retorted, “At the end of the day, it's just your entire family standing witness, no? You're a family, so even if you make up stories, no one will expose you! He forced the patriarch of the Blackwood family to apologize on his knees, you said? Why don't you say that he was also the one who banished them from Jadeborough?”
  • He snickered, not believing Josephine in the least.
  • Following his words, however, Josephine replied coldly, “You're right. It was indeed with a single word from him that the Blackwood family was banished from Jadeborough!”
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