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Chapter 95 The Annual Party Begins

  • Margaret was exceedingly dissatisfied, and that resentment hadn't just been for a day or two.
  • He's part of the Smith family, yet he's seated at the fringes, closest to the door, during the Smith family's annual party! Is this not humiliating and degrading?
  • “It makes no difference where we're seated, no?” Conversely, Connor wasn't the least bit bothered.
  • Anyway, I haven't been treated all that well in the Smith family ever since young. Dad has always favored my brothers more. As for me, I'm no different from a child he found by the roadside! No sooner had I gotten married than I was booted out of the Smith mansion and had to live outside. Of the three sons of the Smith family, I was the only one kicked out of the house!
  • “Of course, it's different!” Margaret grew even more irate after hearing that. “Tell me how it's the same! How could sitting in the first row and the last row be the same?”
  • The instant her temper spiked, Connor was so frightened that he lowered his head and dared not even say anything.
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