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Chapter 90 So What If I Slapped You

  • What? She's the organizer of the auction? That's impossible! Didn't Alvin tell me that the organizer is Luna Hansley of the Hansley family in Jazona? Why would someone as respectable and distinguished as her take Jonathan's side?
  • “No! You must be an imposter!” Ysobel yelled, pointing an accusing finger in Luna's direction.
  • The latter couldn't be bothered to talk to her and instead gave a commanding wave. “Drag them out this instant!”
  • “How dare you?” Alvin finally spoke up before the security guards could lay a hand on him. “Even if you're Luna Hansley, there's no need to kick me out because of this loser. Our families have a lot of business dealings!”
  • “Tell Sebastian that all the business dealings between the Langford family and the Hansley family have been called off from now on,” came Luna's reply. She then added, “Besides, anyone who dares to collaborate with Langford Group is considered an enemy of the Hansley family!”
  • Alvin's mind was blown at her announcement.
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