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Chapter 71 We Shall See

  • “From his accent, I don't think he is a local!” Jory noted.
  • “Really?” The moment Charles heard that he was not a local, he sneered and no longer had any reservations. “Bring me to him. How dare he acts so brazenly in Jadeborough, our turf? He must be sick of living! Bring some men along! I'll make certain today that he doesn't leave this city alive! Let's go!”
  • Following his order, all the young men in the private room grabbed beer bottles and made to rush out.
  • Jonathan, however, merely sat there indifferently from beginning to end as though he didn't see anything.
  • Seeing that, the contempt in Emmeline's eyes intensified.
  • “Aren't you going?” Charles asked, abruptly halting in his tracks and swinging his gaze at Jonathan despite having reached the door.
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