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Chapter 56 Are They Sick Of Living

  • “Did you all hear that? What did he just say? He said he'll send us to meet our maker?” A glimmer of contempt glinted in the middle-aged man's eyes when he heard Jonathan's words. “Lad, I'll give you another chance. Rethink your words and repeat that again. Otherwise, I'll have no choice but to have my men tie you up and throw you into the Goda River to feed the fishes!”
  • He didn't take Jonathan seriously at all.
  • What a joke! We're all retired special forces Edenic Heights hired at a king's ransom! Before we were discharged from the military, we all killed people, our hands stained with blood! Yet, this snot-nosed kid dared to threaten us?
  • “What an idiot!”
  • Not in the mood to bicker with them, Jonathan propped his hand against the banister lightly and vaulted down the stairs.
  • At the sight of his action, the middle-aged man's gaze promptly turned wintry. “Get him! Break his legs so that he'll know that Edenic Heights isn't a place someone like him could trespass!”
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