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Chapter 53 A New Mansion

  • Return it?
  • Surprise inundated Jonathan. “Why do you want to return it? Don't you like this car?”
  • “I love this car, but it's too expensive!” Josephine looked at him solemnly and remarked, “Don't you think it's a waste to spend about twenty million on a car? You should use the money to do some business or make an investment instead of buying a car.”
  • Even if this twenty million is a loan from Zachary, it still has to be repaid in the future, no? Besides, the man is the King of War, the most powerful person who rules the whole of Jazona! If Jonathan can't pay him back when he owes him money, the consequences would be undoubtedly terrible!
  • “It's not a waste as long as you like it.” Smiling, Jonathan reassured, “Truly, I'm not short on cash.”
  • “Drop the act, Jonathan!” Upon seeing that he was boasting again so soon, Josephine frowned slightly. “I don't want this car!”
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