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Chapter 49 Sense Of Superiority

  • Jonathan didn't even need to look, for he could recognize the person by her voice.
  • Sure enough, a young lady strutted out on her high heels before giving Jonathan a disdainful look. “Where is your electric scooter? Did you lose it?” she inquired.
  • “It's none of your business!” Jonathan wasn't in the mood to yak with her.
  • “How dare you talk to me that way?” the young lady demanded with a scowl. “Josephine, won't you discipline your dirt poor boyfriend? Look how rude he is!”
  • “What do you want?” Josephine finally lost it after having to endure the lady's insults for the entire day.
  • “What do you mean?” The young lady put on a well-practiced pout. “I'm doing this for your sake, Josephine. You shouldn't fall for the same trick twice. Haven't you suffered enough after marrying a penniless loser back then? Now that he's missing, you got yourself another penniless loser? What else is he good at, except for boasting about himself? I don't understand why you fell for them!”
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