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Chapter 46 Grovel At His Feet

  • “Don't call me that! I'm not your boss!” Harrison roared once the call was connected. “How dare you kick Mr. Goldstein out of my store?” Fury was evident in his voice.
  • “I kicked Mr. Goldstein out?” Oliver paled at his words.
  • I didn't even see Mr. Goldstein today! How could I have kicked him out?
  • “Boss, Mr. Goldstein is here?” Oliver glanced around frantically, trying to find out if he was here.
  • The only person in the store was that man who came on an electric scooter.
  • “Of course!” Harrison barked furiously. “I'll give you one minute to either apologize to Mr. Goldstein or chop off your limbs and jump into Goda River to redeem yourself! If Mr. Goldstein leaves our store before I arrive, I'll take your life personally!”
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