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Chapter 44 The Wrong Person

  • Pleased by how humble Oliver was acting, he responded with a nod and answered with his chest puffed out, “Yes!”
  • Oliver carried on with the conversation as if he was nothing more than the young man's slave. “May I know the model of the car you're purchasing? Is it one of the globally limited edition cars?”
  • Audrey got ahead of Charles and answered on his behalf, “No! Mr. Goldstein has gotten himself the cheapest sports car we have to offer in an attempt to live a humble lifestyle.”
  • “The one with the cost of two million? Mr. Goldstein, we're currently having a buy-one-free-one promotion! Since you're purchasing a sports car worth two million, we'll give you another car of a similar value! Alternatively, you can opt to purchase a car that's going to cost four million at the price of two million!”
  • Charles asked, “Huh? Why have I never heard of such a promotion?”
  • “It's the first day of an exclusive event!” Oliver made something up to keep the young man in the dark. In truth, there was no such promotion.
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