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Chapter 32 I Am Sorry

  • Jonathan Goldstein!
  • Kingstone couldn't even carry on with the conversation as his lips started twitching against his will. Overwhelmed by distress, he murmured to himself, “I-It's him! H-He has finally returned!”
  • “Mr. Warhol, what are you talking about? Who's the man we're talking about?” Randall was hopelessly muddled by Kingstone's response.
  • “It's none of your business!” Kingstone returned to his usual self in a few seconds. He added, “Randall, I'm not going to repeat myself anymore! I want you to listen to him and carry out his instructions as absurd as it might be! If you dare defy him, you're the one I'm taking out next!”
  • Kingstone had made himself clear he wouldn't allow others to challenge his authority as the governor of Jazona.
  • “Y-Yes, Mr. Warhol!” Randall couldn't stop his heart from racing the moment he turned around and found out the young man was someone capable of turning his life upside down.
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